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Notice Regarding Operation of “Kasaoka Iitoko Meguri Bus”

The “Kasaoka Iitoko Meguri Bus” travels to Kasaoka Bay Farm Roadside Station on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from April to the last day of October.

Also, a “1-day Ticket” can be purchased at the ticket counter in front of the JR Kasaoka Station. It allows you to ride as many times as you wish during the day of purchase and within the zone it was purchased for.

Special benefits will be offered to holders of that ticket at the Chikkyo Art Museum, Horseshoe Crab Museum, and Kasaoka Bay Farm Roadside Station.


  1. Group discounts for entrance fees apply at the Chikkyo Art Gallery and the Horseshow Crab Museum.
  2. Commmeorative picture postcards will be presented at the Chikkyo Art Gallery.
  3. A 10% discount will be applied to meals at restaurants in the Roadside Station. A 50-yen discount is applied to purchases of soft ice cream.
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