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Kasaoka, The Ramen Town

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Kasaoka Ramen Noodles Data

There are over 30 shops serving ramen in Kasaoka.
Among them are ones that serve ramen with slices of boiled chicken floating on a soy sauce broth made from stock based on chicken bones. That's Kasaoka Ramen Noodles, and no place can make it like Kasaoka!
The backdrop of Kasaoka becoming so recognized for its Kasaoka Ramen is a group of young people who loved their local ramen and embarked on a serious effort to prove it over a 10-year period.
They set about recreating the taste of Kasaoka Ramen Noodles. They also participated in events in various locations to promote the ramen through demonstration sales.
Their efforts bore fruit. In 2009, the "Nationwide Promotional Project for Kasaoka, The Ramen Town" was established, commonly referred to as the "Ramen Project."
Part of their activities includes holding annual events in the city in which all the ramen shops participate. In addition, the following year they created the "Kasaoka, The Ramen Town" guide map.
The reputation of Kasaoka as The Town for Ramen continues to spread.

From the Secretariat...

Residents all have their own favorite ramen shop. When people come to visit, it is an established custom to bring them to their favorite ramen shop. In addition, there is a growing number people who go "Kasaoka Ramen shop hopping."
That’s still how things are. (laughs)
The mandate of the Ramen Project is to promote Kasaoka Ramen all over the country. We see this as a way for everyone to energize the region in a fun way through ramen as "food."
We are working hard to have the appeal of Kasaoka, The Ramen Town becomes better known nationwide.

Hirofumi Takahashi, Secretariat, Nationwide Promotional Project for Kasaoka, The Ramen Town
Kasaoka Chamber of Commerce

A Guide to Kasaoka Ramen Noodles Shops

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