Privacy Policy

About the handling of personal information by the Kasaoka Tourism Association’s website

Basic Stance

The Kasaoka Tourism Association maintains and manages in a fair and appropriate manner the personal information gathered through this Kasaoka Tourism Association website (hereinafter referred to as “website”) in compliance with our “Kasaoka City Personal Information Protection Rules and Regulations.”

Purpose for Use and Extent of Use of Personal Information Gathered

In order to respond to the inquiries and opinions received from users, our website displays the Association’s contact details and provides a contact form.
In addition, when sending in the form, we ask that users provide their name, address, telephone number, email address, and other details to the extent necessary to provide responses to their inquiries and other matters for which users contact us. We maintain and manage personal information in a fair and appropriate manner in compliance with our “Kasaoka City Personal Information Protection Rules and Regulations.”

Restrictions on Use of Personal Information and Provision to Third Parties

The Kasaoka Tourism Association does not utilize the personal information gathered for usage beyond the purpose for which it was gathered, nor do we provide it to third parties.
However, these restrictions do not apply when any of the following circumstances arise:

  1. When the person him or herself gives us their consent to do such.
  2. When we comply with the stipulations of laws and regulations.
  3. When it is deemed absolutely necessary to provide personal information promptly in order to protect the life, physical well-being, and health of that person, as well as their assets and daily life.
  4. When the personal information is used within the same implementing organization, or provided to another implementing organization, and it is used within the required limits of that scope of authority, and it is deemed that there is sufficient reason to do such.

Measures to Retain Personal Information Securely

The Kasaoka Tourism Association will implement the most secure measures it can to protect the personal information gathered through this website. In addition, when the inquiries sent in through this website, or the responses or related information is display on this website, we will perform due diligence to ensure the identity of the corresponding person is not revealed.

Regarding Revisions

In conjunction with the advancement of computer and internet technology, there may be revisions made to the way in which personal information is handled by the Kasaoka Tourism Association website.

For inquiries regarding our Personal Information Protection Policies:

Kasaoka Tourism Association

Topia kasaoka ekimae Bld.2F,36-1 Chuocho,Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture,Japan 714-0088

TEL: 0865-62-6622

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