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Gourmet Food You Can Enjoy in Kasaoka

Image: Delicacies from the Sea

Delicacies from the Sea

With its warm climate, the Seto Inland Sea is blessed with an abundance of fresh delicacies from the sea. And this is too expected as Kasaoka faces the ocean. Only Kasaoka has so many islands facing the sea where a variety of seafood, oysters (a specialty of Kasaoka), mantis shrimps and many other treats from the ocean can be enjoyed. Not only are there restaurants where these can be ordered, there are establishments and the morning market where they can be purchased.

Recommended Some Restaurants for Delicacies from the Sea!

写真:Ajidokoro Eiseimaru

Ajidokoro Eiseimaru





写真:Koryori Kato

Koryori Kato

写真:Gyokojin Ikkyu Kasaoka

Gyokojin Ikkyu Kasaoka

写真:Setouchi Kassen Wakayoshi

Setouchi Kassen Wakayoshi

写真:Shikisai Restaurant at Kasaoka Bay Farm Roadside Station

Shikisai Restaurant at Kasaoka Bay Farm Roadside Station

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Image: Kasaoka Ramen

Kasaoka Ramen

Recently the local “Kasaoka Ramen” has become quite the topic of conversation. The shops here make ramen with slices of boiled chicken, instead of pork, floating on a soy sauce broth made from chicken bone. That's Kasaoka Ramen Noodles, and no place can make it like Kasaoka!
Its clean, refreshing flavor causes is very nostalgic for many Japanese. To Kasaoka residents, it's truly their “soul food.” You are highly encouraged to try a bowl when you are in Kasaoka. You’ll have great fun going “ramen shop hopping” and comparing the unique taste of each shop.

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Photo: Kasaoka Brands

Kasaoka Brands

Kasaoka encompasses islands in the picturesque Seto Inland Sea, expansive reclaimed farmland, and other beautiful and abundant natural resources. In addition, it is also a town built originally around temples long ago and is steeped in tradition and history. “Kasaoka Brands" are assets of Kasaoka whose development has been nurtured and blessed by the environment and natural conditions of the region. They are filled with all the appeal and charm that only Kasaoka can offer. And each of them was created with superb heritage, ingredients, materials and technology.

Detailed Look at Kasaoka Brands

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