Pilgrimage to 88 Temples of Konoshima

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Total Distance: 29 km In 1744, Kasaoka merchant Imada Keigen spent 5 years establishing a pilgrimage route which was modeled on the one in Shikoku. It is filled with widely changing scenery. Today a large number of pilgrims go on the pilgrimage and it is well suited for a walking course.
With a total distance of 29 km, it is a mini version of the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage and was established in the Edo Period. Today many make the pilgrimage in the spring and fall wearing traditional white clothing, though Kono-shima is one of the few scared sites remaining completely intact. The standard way of walking the route is to take two days and one night. Every month on the 21st day of the old calendar, festivals are held at the Henro Kaikan (Pilgrimage Hall). Services are held to ask for blessings and to remember the dead, other Buddhist services are conducted, and udon noodles are served to entertain visitors.



(Konoshima Henro Kaikan) 3986-7 Konoshima, Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 714-0044


0865-67-3123 (Konoshima Henro Kaikan)

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Yakuyoke Daishi Matsuri (Daishi Festival for Warding Off Evil) (November 3)


Ikasa Bus Corporation, Kasaoka – Shimin Kaikan (Civic Center Hall) – Sotoura – Terama – Kasaoka Line or Uchiuramisaki-bound. Get off at “Nakamura-guchi” Stop (until “Konoshima Henro Kaikan”).
25 minutes from Kasaoka Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway (until “Konoshima Henro Kaikan”)


If you plan to visit using your own car, parking is possible near where amulets are issued, although there some exceptions.


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