Shiraishi-jima Island

Yoroi-iwa Stone Dike

Rare and Strangely-Shaped Rock Formation Created by Nature

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Sightseeing Spots

Near the summit of a mountain in the center of Shiraishi-jima Island called “Onigajo” is a dike formed of aplite (fine-grained igneous rock) with granite piercing through. Its name “Yoroi-iwa” means “armor stone.” and it looks like a sleeve of armor worn by a giant. This armor-like pattern appears stretched over the face of the granite and contains small crevices and grooves, much like the surface of a Go” board. A rare and strangely-shaped rock formation, the country has designated it as a Natural Monument. It is divided into two, with the upper section 2.4 m wide and 1.8 m high, and the lower section 3 m wide and 8.2 m high.



Shiraishi-jima, Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 714-0036


From the Sumiyoshi Boarding Dock at Kasaoka Port, take the regular passenger vessel (Sanyo Kisen) and travel 22 minutes (high-speed ship) to Shiraishi Port.
It takes 40 minutes from Fushigoe Port to Shiraishi Port by ferry.
Walk about 30 minutes from Shiraishi Port.


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