Kasaoka Tourist Fisheries Boat Cooperative

When you are in the Kasaoka Islands, why not consider taking a leisurely fishing trip.

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Sightseeing Spots

When the new leaves on the trees start to sparkle, the waters are prime for catching the Japanese whiting (sillago).
Gather your family or friends together and make a reservation!





Sea bream, largehead hairtail, Japanese whiting (sillago), black rockfish, scorpionfish, ocellated octopus, etc.


Up to 5 people: ¥35,000; Each additional person: ¥7,000
Consult the Cooperative if there is a small number of people.
Small parties can be joined together, so consult the Cooperative.

Fishing Rods & Other Gear

Gear for handline fishing and other accessories are provided. However, prepare your own gear for catching sea bream and largehead hairtail.


Cabbageworms for catching Japanese whiting are provided. (included in the charges.) Consult the Cooperative regarding bait for other types of fish.

Fishing Times

Boat departs at 6:00 and starts its return around 14:00.

Fishing Grounds

Primarily around the Kasaoka Islands, but consult the Cooperative to go elsewhere.

Annual Schedule

March-November: sea bream
September-December: largehead hairtail
December-April: black rockfish and scorpionfish
May-August: Japanese whiting (sillago)
September-November: ocellated octopus
* Schedule may change depending on the year. Consult the Cooperative.


Swimming after fishing. Arrangements can be made for exploring the island after fishing and other requests.

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