Mu-shima Island

The Island with the Lighthouse and Daffodils
White Daffodils and the Lighthouse Against the Blue Sky

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Photo: Mu-shima Island

Located approximately 40 km from Kasaoka Port in Kasaoka City, the island is the southernmost island of the Kasaoka Islands, as well as that of Okayama Prefecture.

Between it and the Shonai Peninsula Misaki in Kagawa Prefecture about 4.5 km away to the south, there is channel with fast currents, which is a strategically important sea lane for large passenger ships and other vessels crossing the Seto Inland Sea. The first lighthouse in Okayama Prefecture was built on Mu-shima Island to protect ships traveling along the sea lane.

Local residents have planted daffodils in the vicinity of the lighthouse and in various other locations here and there around the island. From January to February the adorable flowers are in bloom, and when they are in full bloom en masse, tourists flock to view them.

Reference: Kasaoka Shimazukuri Kaisha NPO website

Places to See on Mu-shima Island

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We recommend that viewing the daffodils when they are in full bloom in large numbers from January to February. Time passes agreeably on the calm, tranquil island, causing its popularity to rise.

Island Data

Area 1.02 km2
Circumference 4.3 km
Highest Point (Mt. Oishi) 185 m
Sightseeing Hints
  • There are no facilities on Mu-shima Island for lodging, eating, or drinking.
  • Around the time the daffodils are ready for viewing, tours of the daffodils are conducting which you can take and return on the same day. Click here to make an inquiry

Photo: Mu-shima Island Daffodils

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The Daffodils of Mu-shima Island

White daffodils and the lighthouse against the blue sky are the island’s symbols.

Mu-shima Island is located on the southernmost point in Okayama Prefecture. Thanks in part to the hard work of the students...


Name Capacity Charge TEL Website
Guesthouse Guesthouse Shimakoya 6 people Room only: from ¥3,000 090-3377-6328
Official Website

Access to Mu-shima Island

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To get to Mu-shima Island, use Sanyo Kisen’s regular vessel service which departs from Sumiyoshi Port in Kasaoka. You would be traveling the ① “Okayama - Hi-shima Islands - Mu-shima Island” sailing route. When transferring to the ②③ “Kasaoka - Sanagi Honura” sailing route, transfer to ① from Manabe-shima Island, then go to Mu-shima Island. However, there is only one sailing per day.

You can also travel to the different islands using a water taxi service. Depending on the number of people in your group and your plans, you may want to consider this option.

* At Kasaoka, there is a ferry boarding dock at Fushigoe Port, but be aware that the ferry goes to Kitagi-shima and Shiraishi-jima Islands and does not stop at Mu-shima Island.

  • When departing, you would use the boarding dock for the regular passenger vessels located on the Kasaoka Port-Sumiyoshi Boarding Dock. The ferry does not stop at Hi-shima Islands.
  • You would want to travel along the “Kasaoka - Hi-shima Islands - Mu-shima Island” sailing route for the ordinary ships.
  • Be careful not to get off at Kobi-shima Island by mistake!
  • Also, be sure to carefully check the times for both the departing and returning vessels.
  • Water taxis are an option we recommend.

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