Taka-shima Island

The island of fishermen and azaleas
excites a spirit of ancient romantic adventure with its ruins steeped in history.

Walk and Play Around the Islands

Photo: Taka-shima Island

Located 12 km offshore of Kasaoka Port in Kasaoka City, in the northernmost reach of the Kasaoka Islands, Taka-shima Island is said to have prospered since long ago as a strategic point in the sailing routes through the Seto Inland Sea. It is written in the “Records of “Ancient Matters of Japan (Kojiki)” that a temporary lodging (Taka-shima Angu) was built on the island to accommodate the Imperial visit of Emperor Jimmu was on an eastern expedition.

On the south side of the island, there is a path that extends along the ridge of the mountain. Part way up, is an area to offer a 360-degree view of the calm waters of the Seto Inland Sea. In addition, when azaleas which the residents raise with great care are in season, they can be seen en masse in full bloom.

People say that rock quarrying and marine transportation used to thrive in the area. But the increases in guesthouses serving fresh fish caught by the fishermen and the tourists who come to view the scenery have transformed it into an island of sightseeing and fishing.
Also, riding on a trawler for tourists, helping with fixed shore netting, and other opportunities to experience first hand the life of a fisherman have gained popularity recently.

Reference: Kasaoka Shimazukuri Kaisha NPO website

Places to See on Taka-shima Island

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A 2 km path enables visitors to walk right around the island. They can search for historical items, such as the remains of the temporary lodging build for the Imperial visit (Taka-shima Angu) and the “Rock for Fertility and Pregnancy,” to which prayers are offered the positive outcome of all aspects of conceiving a child.
At an inn operated by the local residents, visits can avail themselves of opportunities to experience being a fisherman, such as riding on a trawler. Special benefits are offered to groups who make reservations.
As the season for viewing azaleas arrives in April, the Azalea Festival is held.

Island Data

Area 1.05 km2
Circumference 5.9 km
Highest Point 84 m
Sightseeing Hints
  • You must make reservations in advance to be able to experience being a fisherman!
  • There are no facilities for eating and drinking, but there are places to stay that will serve just food, if you make reservations. Inquiries
  • There are tours for the Azalea Festival in April. Click here to make an inquiry


Name Charge Capacity TEL
Pension Pension Shoei From ¥10,800 22 people 0865-67-2291
Guesthouse Casa Takeda From ¥10,800 50 people 0865-67-6188

Access to Taka-shima Island

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To get to Taka-shima Island, use Sanyo Kisen’s regular ship which departs from Sumiyoshi Port in Kasaoka. There is the ① “Kasaoka - Sanagi Honura” sailing route and ② “Kasaoka - Hi-shima Islands - Mu-shima Island” sailing route, but both stop in Taka-shima Island.
As part of the regular passenger vessel service, there is a high-speed ship, but it does not stop in Taka-shima Island. Also, be aware that there are ordinary ship sailings that do not stop in Taka-shima Island.

* At Kasaoka, there is a ferry boarding dock at Fushigoe Port in Kasaoka, but be aware that the ferry goes to Kitagi-shima and Shiraishi-jima Islands and does not stop at Taka-shima Island.

You can also travel to the different islands using a water taxi service. Depending on the number of people in your group and your plans, you may want to consider this option.

  • When departing, you would use the boarding dock for the regular passenger vessels located on the Kasaoka Port-Sumiyoshi Boarding Dock. The ferry does not stop at Taka-shima Island.
  • Both the “Kasaoka - Sanagi Honura” sailing and the “Kasaoka - Hi-shima Islands - Mu-shima Island” sailing for the regular passenger vessels stop at Taka-shima Islands.
  • The high-speed ship does not stop at Taka-shima Island.
  • There are also sailings which do not stop at Taka-shima Island, so be aware. Be sure to carefully check schedules.
  • Water taxis are an option we recommend.

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