Flowers on Kasaoka Bay Reclaimed Land

The best part is the flower gardens stretching as far as the eye can see. You can enjoy the wonderful scenery throughout all four seasons.

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Sightseeing Spots

Work on the reclaimed land around Kasaoka Bay lasted 24 years and was completed in 1990. In August 2011, the Kasaoka Bay Farm Roadside Station was created on the reclaimed land. In time with its opening, 1 million sunflowers appeared basking in the sunlight. The best time to view them is in early August. The view from an observation point is spectacular. In October, 30 million cosmoses come into full bloom on the 3 ha farmland. Ten million canola blossoms are at their peak from mid-March to early April, turning the entire area into a yellow carpet. Poppies are in full bloom around the end of April.

10 Million Canola Blossoms

Canola blossoms completely covering the green reclaimed land around Kasaoka Bay herald the beginning of spring. 10 million is an awesome sight.
Best time to see: Mid-March to early April

10 Million Poppies

Poppies covering the entire ground can be seen in May.
Best time to see: May

1 Million Sunflowers

In midsummer, the large round tops of sunflowers in bloom compete for the sunlight. And there are a million of them! They bring color on a massive scale to the Roadside Station summer befitting the huge expanse of the reclaimed land.
Best time to see: From early August

30 Million Cosmoses

As if celebrating the autumn harvest, 30 million cosmoses flutter in the wind. The seasons, together with the flowers, go through their annual rotation on the reclaimed land.
Best time to see: September to late October

Kasaoka Bay Farm Roadside Station

At the adjacent Kasaoka Bay Farm Roadside Station, there are restaurants using local ingredients, a direct sales are selling fresh farm products and processed food, a marine products corner, and other sections selling products that customers flock to.
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(Kasaoka Bay Farm Roadside Station) 245-5 Kabuto Minami-machi, Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 714-0046


0865-67-6755 (Kasaoka Bay Farm Roadside Station)


0865-67-6711 (Kasaoka Bay Farm Roadside Station)


11 km from the Kasaoka Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway.



Events are held during the best times to view the various flowers. Click here to make an inquiry.


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