Taka-shima Island

Mt. Kamiura & Taka-shima Angu Ruins Monument

The Mountain Where Emperor Jimmu Was Told His Fortune

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As recorded in the “Records of Ancient Matters” and “Records of “Ancient Matters of Japan (Kojiki),” Emperor Jimmu embarked on an eastern expedition from Kyushu and part way he stayed for several years at what was called the “Taka-shima Shrine of Kibi.” Local residents believe that Taka-shima Shrine refers to the island of Taka-shima.
Mt. Kamiura is the place where Emperor Jimmu was reported to have had his fortune told. On its today stands the huge Taka-shima Angu Ruins Monument stands. The monument is 8 m high and makes a compelling statement that Taka-shima Island was in fact the Taka-shima Shrine appearing in the ancient records.
In 1919, Heinojo Hatanaka, a mason on Kitagi-shima Island, erected the monument and it is now the largest monument made of natural stone in Japan.

The Outstanding View from the Summit Lookout

On the summit of Mt. Kamiura, there is a lookout which affords a magnificent view where one can see the Fukuyama area in the west, the Shimotsui area in the east, and due south the island of Shikoku is visible.

As with the Mt. Kamiura, there are legends involving Emperor Jimmu and the Manai Well nearby.
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Taka-shima, Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 714-0035


From Sanyo Kisen’s Sumiyoshi Boarding Dock at Kasaoka Port, take the regular passenger vessel (Sanyo Kisen) and travel 25 minutes to Taka-shima Port. (ordinary ship).
Walk about 12 minutes from Taka-shima Port.


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