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Free Wi-Fi Spots in Kasaoka City

Free Wi-Fi Spots in Kasaoka City JR Kasaoka Station Waiting Are…

写真:Mt. Shiro Lookout

Mt. Shiro Lookout

This is the highest peak on Manabe-shima Island (elevation 127 m…

写真:Ruins of Manabe Castle

Ruins of Manabe Castle

In the eastern part of Manabe-shima Island, which was the main b…

写真:Hachiman Shrine

Hachiman Shrine

The Robust Running Portable Shrines are Famous

写真:Manabe-shima Junior High School

Manabe-shima Junior High School

The wooden school buildings for many Japanese bri…

写真:Tenjinbana Lookout

Tenjinbana Lookout

This is a lookout on the northwestern side of Manabe-shima Islan…

写真:Manabe-shima Hometown Village

Manabe-shima Hometown Village

Retaining the appearance of when it was prosperin…

写真:Gorinto Pagodas

Gorinto Pagodas

Gravesite of the Manabe Family

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